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Rally driving

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After a bit of a hiatus, I’ve been trying hard to get out and about with the camera at every opportunity I can to practice.

My latest experiment has been with movement, and what better opportunity than a rally drive!

This was last years christmas present to D, and he enjoyed it thoroughly. And to be honest – so did I!

There is nothing like the grumble of cars through your body, dirt and adrenalin…and I was just watching!

Of course, catching it on camera was a challenge!

Myself and D would highly recommend the experience.

If in Australia, you can purchase an experience, amongst many more, a adrenalin.com.au.

If you need any more tempting, check this out:


  1. I got my license last year and this is something I have been craving to try! Looks amazing!

  2. The photos look great!!!

  3. Having raced cars, I can vouch for th experience. It’s not just the speed (but that sure helps)- it’s the need to recognize the other cars’ moves, the rapid turns, the need to hold the wheel…
    Great photos.

  4. Why didn’t you get behind the wheel?! Great photos though :-)

  5. You really sound like a super cool couple! Oh and I like how you caught all the dust in the photos. :-)

  6. Great pics and looks like a lot of fun!

  7. I totally need to do this!

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