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I AM a new woman

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It’s been a while since I’ve given you an update on my health, and what better time to do so than following my most recent appointment (check out the post ‘The Allergy Tests Are In’ for some background).

Yesterday afternoon I popped in to see my naturopath (Michelle) to get the results of allergy test #4, to get my measurements taken and my new batch of natural remedies.

All I can say is ‘yippee’!

Michelle was actually quite shocked when she first saw me – in a good way that is. She said I looked so incredibly healthy – like a new woman. She says all the nice things :)

The test results were, once again, good. I’m consistently improving, which is fabulous. My diet is still quite limited, but I can now eat a few more things and it’s getting easier to handle.

Great news is that my eczema has totally cleared up, my hair is healthy, my circulation is better, the bloating has decreased and the pain is pretty much gone (unless I cheat with my diet). My sinuses are heaps better, I’m not getting many leg cramps, I can think more clearly…oh and I have officially lost 10 kilos, and shrunk pretty much all over…sad to say that I’ve lost 4cm’s from my chest. Poor D :( and poor me as almost all of my clothes no longer fit me! I know…I have nothing to complain about :)

The fatigue is still a killer, but as Michelle says, after years of extreme stress it will take my body a while to recover. Again I can’t complain with the progress I have made in 5 months.

I am a new woman…with a size 10 ass and slim legs :) I’ve never had slim legs before. I like it!



  1. Wonderful news !!! Yay for you.

  2. CONGRATS!! Great news!! :)

  3. I am soooo proud of you :)
    Well done chicky, goooood job!

  4. Hello new woman! Janine, this is wonderful news and tons of motivation for you to keep on going with everything. Have I ever told you how jealous I am of your gorgeous hair?

    Again, have a lovely trip to China and cannot wait to hear of your adventures!

    • Aw thanks Barbara :) I can’t believe I fly out tomorrow eek! Looking forward to planning my next adventure after China. I feel the travel bug coming back…

  5. What a marvelous success! And you look awesome! :D way to go Janine! xo

  6. Fantastic news! You look great! Do you need to stick to your diet permanently?

    • I think so. I mean, I do cheat occasionally, but really feel it. So I think it will become a way of life for me now :) As long as I don’t lose much more weight.

  7. Normally I go with the hard science approach to health with peer-reviewed journals, years long studies and folks with an M.D. after their name, but it is very very difficult to argue with results like yours.

    Dropping 10k would put my in the “healthy” band on the BMI.

    What does it cost to see a naturopath?

  8. All the sacrifice paid off! I guess this is what real commitment does! So happy you feel so much healthier Janine :-)

  9. One word: WOW! Congratulations…I am really pleased for you. I am not sure that i have lost any weight over the last weeks. Sigh. I feel bad now.

  10. Janine, Glad to hear you’re better and you’re delighting in your recovery.. It’s wonderful to feel good after feeling lousy or very ill. And wonderful to lose weight and look great. Best of all is feeling that you can take on the world again..

  11. WOWEE! Talk about inspiring! What a beautiful pic too, Janine. =) I’m thoroughly surprised by how important it is to consider what we put into our bodies. Thanks for the freshness that exudes from this post! =)

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