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I could so easily be bitter with the world right now.

4 days ago everything was perfect. We had just returned from China, having had an awesome time. D and I had gone a whole three weeks together with no arguments and came home with an even stronger relationship and more love for each other. We were both really positive and things were really starting to happen. We were even seriously starting to discuss our future together – you know, as you do after seven years together. 

But then something happened early Sunday morning to try and upset the apple cart. A freak accident, something unpredictable, unforeseen, sudden and serious. And now our world has been thrown into complete disarray…with the future partially unknown.

I won’t go into details now. I will save that for later down the track as it’s still too fresh in my and the kids mind, and D is yet to realise the seriousness of everything. All I can say is this – we are blessed as it could have been so much worse. We are also blessed as the last few months I BELIEVE we have really lived our lives. We also arrived at a good place in our relationship, I re-found my health, we had one of the most amazing life-time moments on the Great Wall of China (I believe I said that I could die happy…and no, he didn’t propose…everyone is so obsessed with that lately!). 

Life is unusual, unpredictable, exciting, scary, and constantly tests you. It also constantly tests your relationships. I am looking at this latest test with positivity – although at times that I try to limit, I do freak out. This too will pass, and I believe we, and us as individuals, plus those around us, will bounce back with a vengeance.

Carpe Diem.

Seize the day people.

Let that piddly shit go, get over it, move on, live in the now, enjoy every moment, and love one another.

You just never know.


  1. Praying for you, Denis and the family…whatever it is you’re facing. xx

    • Thanks SArah. Denis had a freak accident and he is only starting to be able to comprehend. I will write about it in some capacity soonish.

  2. I am so sorry for what happened to Denis. But yes, hoping that you both are blessed with the strength and energy and Denis recovers all well, all soon. My prayers and thoughts with the both of you.

  3. Been thinking about you and hoping everything turns out OK! Seize the day is very much how I’ve been trying to live lately. Thanks for another reminder to me that life is indeed too dang short xo

    • Thanks Lalia. I’ve been meaning to tell you I read Dark Lover and the entire Hunger Games series. LOVED Dark Lover. Loved the 1st 2 books in the Hunger Games series but found the last one disappointing.

  4. I am so sorry Dennis and you have to go through this. I hope hat he will make a good recovery. Life is indeed unpredictable…

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