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{this memory} Queensland

The start of the travel bug…
Copyright Janine Ripper 2012

{this memory} is a weekly ritual sharing a memory captured in time.

This photo was taken by my Dad in Queensland.

My Dad had recently moved to Queensland – the other side of Australia – and my sister, brother and I had been flown there to visit him, and my new little brother and sister.

My sister, brother and I had never been on a plane before. In fact, we’d never been to the other side of Australia.

It was an amazing experience, between the intense humidity and heat of Queensland (tropical climate), the constant buzz of crickets and the rain-forests, in contrast to the stunning beaches with the finest, softest sand and then the city scape of Brisbane.

We also got to go to Dreamworld, a theme park, which for three kids growing up in a mining town surrounded by red dirt, was a ‘dream’ come true. We had never been to anything like it before.

It was an interesting trip getting to know Dad’s girlfriend, our new baby sister, and our ‘new’ three year old brother. We all bonded whilst there, and I know I briefly entertained the thought of moving to Queensland to become a park ranger. I was a teenager :) I was looking for anything as a form of escapism. It was also a difficult, confronting trip, in realising that Mum and Dad were truly over, and that what was done could never be undone.

Looking at this photo, one thing comes to mind. I do believe this is the moment I caught the travel bug. I always thought it was during my first trip to Singapore, but I stand corrected. It was this moment in Queensland, surrounded by beaches, tourists, different people than I had ever experienced before, a city with high rises, the contract between country and city…this was it.

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