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Today in the news headlines in Australia:

Call for school weigh-ins to fight fat

Some bright sparks, courtesy of a ‘study’, have come up with the idea of weighing kids at school as means to collect data to help combat the obesity epidemic. This has irked me all day since I heard about it. Focussing on health and education – that will help. Focussing on numbers will not. A focus on numbers – particularly in regards to WEIGHT – can lead to obsession, the development of other unhealthy habits, and years of issues.

I was weighed with my whole class when I was in primary school. The weights were written on the board, and I was the heaviest. I wasn’t fat, but kids being kids, only saw who was number one. Me. And what did I see? That I was the heaviest in the class. After years of teasing, self-torture, starvation, over-exercising and body dysmorphia…well, 25 years after the ‘event’ I have finally sorted myself out…well, mostly.

Sydney school bans hand stands

This week, parents of children at Sydney’s Drummoyne Public School were told that following consultation with the NSW Education Department, acrobatics had been banned from the playground.

That includes hand stands, cart wheels, rolley polleys (well, that’s what we called them in my family), and more. It seems like the list of things our kids ‘can’t’ do these days greatly outweighs the list of what they ‘can’ do.

Is it just me, or does it seem like all of the innocence and fun is being taken out of school?


  1. This is complete madness. Children need to be sporty and having their weight shown to the whole class is plain wrong.
    We all have different bodies, and should allow children to grow up quietly. As for obesity issue, in the UK they refer parents to a nutritionist. But it is all done on an “ad hoc” basis.

  2. I agree, the can’ts are winning the war. Funny while you can’t do acrobatics, schools can serve kids fatting over processed lunches. How in the world can they win the war on obesity? They can’t.

  3. That’s just dreadful! How can they take that kind of fun away?! I can’t believe the wrote your weight up on the board. I know when I was in school they did some kind of fitness test. You ran a mile, did chin ups, did crunches, saw how far you could stretch and measured the fat or muscle on your arm. I don’t remember them writing up though. I would have been terrible embarrassed because I was the shortest and tiniest in my class!

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