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{this memory} is a weekly ritual sharing a moment in time captured forever.

Copyright Janine Ripper 2012

This photo was taken in 2012, during a 6 month Young Women’s Leadership Program run by my now good friend Alicia Curtis. One of the things we needed to ‘achieve’ during the course was some form of volunteering activity.

This photo was taken during a group visit to Native ARC - the Native Animal Rehabilitation Centre. Native ARC, located at 60 Hope Road Bibra Lake, is a not for profit organisation dedicated to the rescue, treatment and care of injured, sick, orphaned and displaced native wildlife.

We got to see the centre, hear about their history and goals, meet some of the staff, learn how to catch a snake using a snake that looked very much like a piece of rope…and then, of course, meet some of the ‘guests’ at the centre, including the beautiful snake I am holding in the photo. I can’t actually remember what kind of snake it was…all I know is it was a snake, and that it wasn’t a deadly species (of which Australia has many).

A lot of us were freaked out at the thought of holding a snake, but overcame our fears. I was strangely fascinated by the little creature, sliding its way through my hands over and over again. Cool to touch, and smooth, I can remember looking at it and thinking that it was actually cute, with its little tongue flicking in and out. After all, snakes are animals, and they live in the wild. Most of the times humans run into them is when the humans invade the snakes habitat – either through walking, camping, or via the urban sprawl, where said humans destroy their homes in order to build human-homes.

  • http://hajrakvetches.com Hajra

    I need to hold a snake to get over my fear of it! It looks like you are talking to it!

    • neanster77

      I probably was…

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