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If You Believe In Yourself You Can Achieve Anything


Michelle Floate is a passionate and energetic go-getter who has a lust for life, travel, food and healthy living.

Former naturopath Michelle Floate is the creator behind the successful  The Bikini Cookbook series. She is also a testament to someone who chases their dreams by persisting, putting in the hard yards, and never giving up.

From 2005 until 2012 Michelle ran her own naturopathy practice from home but felt that something was missing from her life. Michelle had a vision where she was helping people realise that cooking healthy food was easy! She also wanted to help people recognise what they were putting in to their bodies and the impact that this was having on their health. Michelle had a lot of knowledge to share, after being through her own weight loss journey. Whilst on a trip to Turkey in 2010, she had a moment of realisation where she recognised how unhappy she was with her body, and how embarrassed she was to wear bathers. It was on that trip that she decided enough was enough, and that the next time she needed to wear bathers she would rock a bikini! And so began Michelle’s weight loss journey, which started with a 1200 calorie per day eating plan. 5 months later, Michelle had lost 18kg and had reached her goal weight of 55kg.

Michelle had been helping clients with their weight loss goals through her naturopathy practice for years.

It was from there that she started to write down her recipes and take photos of her food in order to give to her clients as a hand out. That was when some of her clients started suggesting that she make a book! Within a few weeks Michelle had decided to do it! She didn’t really know if anyone but her clients would buy her book, and as her and her husband had financed the book via their house, they were incredibly nervous. But she knew she wanted to make an impact on the community and believed that this was a great way to start! She certainly didn’t expect to self-publish a series of 6 cookbooks, and is incredibly thankful to the support from her loyal customers. Since 2012, Michelle has been inspired by many of her customers who have shared their success stories with her, whether it be through improvements in their cholesterol, blood sugar, liver function, or being removed from the obesity range.

It took me 8 months to lose 30kg with help from the Bikini Cookbooks.
I’ve maintained my weight for 7 months now using the same books. They are my staple go to guides and my family and I love them! – Monique

Before and After The Bikini Cookbook

Chasing your dreams

Since embarking on her goal to make a cookbook, Michelle says that she has learnt a lot and discovered new passions – from photography and Photoshop, to publishing and marketing via social media. It certainly hasn’t been easy, but Michelle doesn’t regret it for a second. She is a woman who is doing what she loves and chasing her dreams:

You are never going to achieve a goal if you don’t have one. Dare yourself to see what you can achieve and push yourself to achieve the things you never thought you could achieve. It’s about self-belief! BELIEVE you can do it. It’s all about hard work and persistence – if you can’t make it in one-way try another!

Michelle is thankful to have the support of her loving and talented husband, whom she credits with teaching her photography, Photoshop, and generally being a very patient man!!

What next?

Michelle is both nervous and excited about what is next. She is currently deciding what the 7th cookbook will be, and her and her husband are just about to get started on editing the TV series they filmed in Italy. Her dream would be for the TV series to take off!

About the books

Michelle has recently self-published The Bikini Snack Book and The Bikini Cookbook Presents Italy, a memory of an 8 month adventure with her husband which saw them cook and eat their way around Italy. All of Michelle’s books can be purchased from, or check out the website for local stockists.

The Bikini Cookbook covers

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