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Making Goodbyes Easier To Say

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Life can throw unexpected changes our way.

With various factors pulling you in different directions all of the time, some may even require you to make big decisions such as saying goodbye and moving away.

Perhaps the company you work for wants you to transfer to another office in another city. In some cases, they might even want you to move abroad. Or perhaps it’s your partner who needs to move away and you are joining them in their new life. And then there’s the good old sea-change or tree-change.

Big changes can be exciting as you face new prospects and scenery. But there is one downside – saying goodbye to those you love.

Goodbyes are never easy, but here are some ways to can make it a little less teary.

Give Your Friends A Gift

There’s no better way to say goodbye than with a gift. Why not give your friends a little something that they can remember you with?

For instance, you might want to buy them a cute memento reminding them of the happy times you shared. Or if you and a friend loved going to the cinema together, you might want to give them a movie poster they can display somewhere in their home. Whenever they look at it it will remind them of you!

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Have A House Cooling

Before some great local movers come and help you pack up your entire home and put it in the back of a truck, you might like the idea of organising a small party for all of your nearest and dearest. You can think of this as a “house cooling” party. After all, you have a housewarming whenever you move in to a new property, so why not cool it down before you leave? It’s a nice idea to take some pictures of your house cooling and give them to everyone who is there so that they have a keepsake from the occasion.

Create A Scrapbook Of Memories

If you already have lots of photos of the good times you shared with your friends, why not collect them all into a scrapbook? You might want to make a little book of memories for each of your friends. Make copies of the photos so that you can keep a book for yourself to look back on.

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Say Goodbye To The House

Don’t forget to say goodbye to your home as well, and especially important if you spent many happy years there. Saying a fond farewell will help you deal with the emotions often entwined with moving to a new house. There are a lot of ways you can say goodbye to a home. Why not leave a secret message written somewhere in your hours where no one else will find it, or where your future generations can find it?

Goodbyes can be difficult but, hopefully, all of the tips above will help you cope with them a lot better.



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