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Positive Affirmations: the What, Why and How



Positive affirmations aren’t just some woo-woo thing new age people talk about. Positive affirmations are actually pretty darn useful.

Positive affirmations are all about turning negative thinking on its head, and flicking that switch from ‘woe is me’ to ‘yay’ me! After all, every positive affirmation sums up what you believe about yourself. And you can either be your own worst critic or your own cheer squad!

What would you rather be?

In my formative years I was the Queen of fat talk, so much so that I would end up collapsing in a heap with a panic attack over what to wear, how fat I was, how frumpy I felt, how good-looking I wasn’t, how stupid I was… so much so that I wouldn’t leave the house, or if I did I would quickly return having faked illness.

Something had to change

And in order for something to change I had to look within so I could heal my self.

It took time, but like I say, all change begins with one small step in the right direction… and then another… and then another, until before you know it you are a changed woman (or man).

But how exactly do you make a start with positive affirmations?

You start by focussing on ONE – and only one – negative thought.

Make sure you start small so you can practice reframing it into the positive as you don’t want to become overwhelmed.

Let me give you an example of one of my old negative thoughts.

I once hated my red hair after being bullied about it, and so I chose this as the negative thought I wanted to focus on.

Looking in the mirror, I honed in on my red hair.

Using the first person pronoun (I, my) and the present tense (I am) in my affirmation, I spoke a positive message to myself – out loud!

“I love my red hair.”

“I love my thick, long, luscious red locks.”

“My hair looks really good tonight.”

I would then repeat the affirmation again and again until it sounded convincing to my ears.

I would then repeat the affirmation on a regular basis throughout the next week (Yes, my red hair really does rock!).

It’s important to sound like you believe what you are saying, so say it with conviction and say it consistently (My red hair ROCKS! MY red hair rocks, My RED hair rocks, MY RED HAIR ROCKS!!). You know what they say, fake it till you make it!

I find the best way to build a habit of using positive affirmations is to make it part of a regular routine. Just like brushing teeth or taking a daily shower, I choose to focus on my affirmations in the morning. As I am SOOOOOOO not a morning person, they act as a nice mood booster!

Of course, there are many other affirmations you could tell yourself!

  • I am delightfully GORGEOUS!
  • I accept myself.
  • I am enough, just as I am in this moment.
  • I believe in myself. I CAN do anything.
  • I’m blessed with good health, a wonderful family, and awesome friends.
  • I am a gorgeous woman with a beautiful soul
  • I have great set of boobs
  • My legs are strong as they carry me throughout life

It won’t happen overnight

Like any habit – learning to tie your shoe laces, brushing your teeth twice a day, quitting smoking, developing an exercise routine – you’ve gotta practice using affirmations. You’re not going to change your repetitive thinking overnight, but you can do it baby step by baby step! So start simple and start small.

Eventually, these positive affirmations will become second nature and result in a new and positive you.

If you are after some beautiful visual cues to help you with your affirmations, visit Louise Hay’s website. Louise Hay is the Queen of affirmations.


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