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80 Easy Ways to Revamp Your Life This Year

80 Ways to Revamp Your Life

Each and every year I swear to myself I’ll get my shit together and revamp my life.

Shit together: Is that an Aussie saying? APOLOGIES! It means getting your life in order or something to that effect!

That is, I will finally do what I’ve been putting off, get my life organised including my finances, a will, and other things, and fully revamp my life to become the woman I know I can be. She’s the kind of woman who is put together, organised, knows her shit, is healthy and, best of all, content.

Let’s be honest though. I bomb out each year!

It’s not that I don’t try. It’s just that life gets in the way OR I kinda fail at saying NO and commit to doing things 300% until I burn out. *sigh*

This year WILL be different though. It really will!

How I hear you ask?

Well, I’ve started this year differently.

You see, I’m trying new things that actually work, I’m making lists and checking them weekly if not daily, am making my bed every day (winning!) and am a hell of a lot clearer about how I want to live my life and how to do it.

I’ve also got a mentor, have hooked up with people who are at the same stage of life and are wanting to make some changes – both personally and world-wide, and have opened myself up again after a year in which I shut down.

Here’s a list of 80 ways to revamp your life –  including things I’ve done, things I’m trying, things that are working, things I’m planning on doing OR things others are doing that are working.

  1. Do a life audit – get clear on your values, priorities and goals, what is good for you and not so good, as well as who is good for you and not so good. Here’s a resource to help
  2. Create a vision board for the year
  3. Develop a side hustle
  4. Build your very own support team. Every successful person has a support team, be it a hairdresser, beautician, accountant, advisor, cheer squad…
  5. Declutter your living space – be ruthless
  6. Across a couple of weekends or months (I’d suggest a day minimum per room), go through every room in your home with a fine tooth comb. Discard what you don’t need, chuck out the rubbish, and reorganise where you need to
  7. Cull your wardrobe
  8. Make your bedroom your sanctuary. Invest in some new bed linen, make your bed every morning, put your clothes away, and minimise the clutter
  9. Hold a garage sale or haul your ‘good junk’ to a car-boot sale for a profit!
  10. Clear out your pantry and fridge. Buy yourself some new sealed containers and reorganise with labels according to usage and what goes with what!
  11. Have a regular play date with your kid/s
  12. Unplug 1 day a week – you can do it!
  13. Set yourself a tech curfew. Unplug no later than 7pm each evening or at a minimum 2 hours before you go to bed each night
  14. Identify a go-to list of trusted people and numbers you can call on when in need
  15. Write daily, weekly and even monthly to-do lists
  16. Pack your bag and lay out your clothes the night before. If you are responsible for someone else, do the same for them
  17. Pull together a self-care or ‘feel good’ toolkit for the times you need it. Here’s 64 ideas to help you nurture your self-care and mental health when life gets hard
  18. Get back to nature
  19. Prep your meals in advance, especially the meal you always struggle with. For me that’s breakfast AND lunch!
  20. Buy fresh fruit and veggies so your fridge is always stocked with healthy foods
  21. Have breakfast every day
  22. Drink more water
  23. Eat your meals at the dining table or breakfast bench – anything to get you away from the TV and offline
  24. Tell those you care about that you love them often
  25. Buy or pick a bunch of fresh flowers every month and place them somewhere in your house where you can see them as you walk around the house
  26. Practice gratitude daily
  27. Be sure to celebrate your birthday or the anniversary of [something] doing something you enjoy. I book the day of my birthday off of work EVERY year!
  28. Find yourself a mentor
  29. Pay someone to do something that is a time suck for you – hire a cleaner, pay someone to do your ironing, call in a gardener, shop for groceries online – ease some of the pressure on your busy self!
  30. End a bad relationship or friendship
  31. Take up a new hobby
  32. Enrol in a course or take some lessons
  33. Go on a regular date night with your partner. If you’re stuck for ideas, brainstorm a list of ‘date night’ ideas for the year
  34. Avoid highly processed foods
  35. Change jobs or careers, or start paving the road to do so
  36. Kickstart your savings for the year and make sure you pay yourself first
  37. Sort out your filing cabinet and shred the pike of old papers you don’t need anymore
  38. Decrease your environmental footprint by minimising your use of plastic
  39. Book an actual holiday – even if it’s a staycation
  40. Get your skin checked by a qualified professional – particularly if you have a swathe of freckles and bumps like me
  41. Pay it forward. Mentor or teach someone for free
  42. Get crafty and creative – sew, knit, crochet or quilt. Try scrapbooking, origami, drawing, painting or colouring. Use Pinterest for inspiration and tutorials. You never know – a money earner could develop out of it!
  43. Pamper yourself often
  44. Get moving more often
  45. Stretch or do yoga
  46. Aim to make meditation a habit
  47. Go on retreat
  48. Write a list of places to visit, cafes and restaurants to try, and other things, and start working your way through the list!
  49. Become a tourist in your own town or city and get out and about with your camera
  50. Travel. Where have you always wanted to go? This could be the year!
  51. Create a chore roster to take the load off of yourself
  52. Go see the optometrist or dentist or doctor – get that check up you’ve been postponing
  53. Read for fun
  54. Make it your mission to make someone smile, laugh or give someone a compliment ONCE A WEEK
  55. Buy fresh herbs in pots, use some for your meals, and plant the rest!
  56. Surround yourself with positivity and people who lift you up
  57. Learn to tune in and listen to your body
  58. Write or update your will
  59. Audit your finances
  60. Schedule fun activities throughout the year so you have things to look forward to
  61. Join a mastermind group
  62. Revise your insurances, consolidating where you can or moving to a better or cheaper provider
  63. Volunteer for a cause close to your heart
  64. See a councillor. I’ve been seeing one for 6 months and it has helped immensely!
  65. Take time out to hang with your pet UNDISTRACTED. Dedicate 5-10 minutes a day to give them a massage. Believe me – this will be good for you too!
  66. Quit smoking
  67. Decrease your coffee and alcohol intake
  68. Do one thing that scares you – it’s up to you if that means jumping out of a plane, public speaking, creating your own blog or …
  69. Get your car serviced…. mental note to self. On another note, get your water, break fluid and oil checked regularly – or ask someone to do it for you (regularly)
  70. Keep a journal. There’s so many styles! Bullet, travel, gratitude… explore what’s out there, buy yourself a beautiful notebook and pen, and get journaling!
  71. Banish the words busy, could and should from your vocab
  72. Learn to say NO! [BEST thing!]
  73. Explore the things that interested you as a child
  74. Get a makeover
  75. Identify how much sleep you need you need each night and prioritise getting it, because you’re no good when you’re tired!
  76. Go sober for a month
  77. Send a handwritten letter to a loved one
  78. Use your good perfume, wear your nice clothes, crack out the nice china and just use it for the hell of it!
  79. Live authentically
  80. Plan and throw a celebration for something … c’mon, you seriously don’t need an excuse to celebrate. Just go ahead and do it!

My revamp list is going well, and I wish you luck in your life revamp. I know you can do it – even if it’s only one thing! That, in itself, will be HUGE!

So, what are you gonna try? I’d love to hear about it!

Need an extra boost to help you revamp your life? Read this.





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