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This is What It’s Like to be a Redhead

My old best friend and I

You may not think that a little thing such as being born with red hair could have so much of an impact on someones life…but it has. As a little girl I’m sure people thought I was cute – with my shock of red hair flaming around my face. That all changed as I grew older, retreated into my shell, gained ... Read More »


Henna, Photo by Marie Nikodem Loerzel

  Today’s stunning post in ‘The Beauty of Difference’ series comes to you from Marie Loerzel. Maria is an American living and travelling in Morocco for 2 years with her husband and 4 children.  She writes humorous tales of the trials, tribulations and adventures of raising kids in a foreign land at Rock The Kasbah. Please do check out Marie’s blog ... Read More »