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20 Ways to Have a Better Year in 2018

 20 Ways to Have a Better Year in 2018

How was 2017 for you?

Did you have a bit of a rough year? Many of us did, me included. As we enter 2018, how can we be happier in 2018 and make it a better year all round?

Here are 20 Ways To Have a Better Year in 2018.

  1. Spend time with people who make your heart sing
  2. Practice forgiveness, even of yourself
  3. Focus on the positive. If that means avoiding the news so be it!
  4. Make some small changes – start small and change one thing in your life
  5. Release any anger you have been holding onto
  6. Tell others you love them, often – make it a habit even if you have to diarise it!
  7. Pay yourself a compliment every day
  8. Be mindful – learn to SLOW DOWN this year!
  9. Pay attention to and celebrate the small things in life as you slow down
  10. Surround yourself with people who lift you up
  11. Learn something new
  12. If you aren’t living a life you love, then start building it. Make a choice.
  13. Unplug – do it often
  14. Don’t be so judgy
  15. Practice giving less fucks
  16. Learn to live in the now. After all, that’s where life happens
  17. Make self-care your number 1 priority. Here’s 64 ideas to help you on your way
  18. Practice gratitude daily
  19. Have some fun. Once you do it enough, you’ll realise how much fun having fun is, and you’ll do it more often!
  20. Embrace and own whatever age you are turning this year. This year I turn 41. Let me sit with that thought … I’ll need to work on this one.

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