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5 Tips to Help You Survive Working from Home

 5 Tips to Help You Survive Working from Home-2

If you’re lucky to have the opportunity to work from home, you’ll know it has its definite perks. However, working from home can also be quite challenging!

Getting out of bed can be hard, especially in the colder months, and staying away from TV or Netflix can take some discipline. And then there’s the social isolation – at time I’ve gone weeks without seeing anyone, and even for an introvert like me, it can get a little lonely!

Here are 5 of my top tips for making the most out of working from home, tips I’ve had to learn myself after I launched my freelance business a few years back.

1. Designate a dedicated room or work space to work from

  • Designate a room, or if a spare room isn’t available, a space in your house dedicated to work and only work.
  • Make sure the workspace you choose is comfortable.
  • Try not to make it too cosy… I’ve made that mistake before and that leads to one thing and one thing only – naps!
  • Keep your workspace clean and clutter free – it will make work so much more pleasurable, keep your mind clutter free, and help to minimise distractions.

work from home office

2. Set up your work space

When working from home, you want to feel inspired and motivated, so invest in a good laptop and other devices to make your job easier, splash out on some nice stationary, and surround yourself with things that inspire you to work – vision boards are a great way to do that! Make sure it’s within eyeshot so you can be inspired throughout the day!

You should also respect your body by investing in some good office furniture, including an ergonomic office chair or stand-up desk (the ones that allow you to move between sitting and standing are all the rage the moment). You don’t want to   suffer from a backache, neck pain and migraines because you have a poorly set up workstation at home – plus you will only have yourself to blame!

3. Take regular breaks

If the furthest you have to travel is from bed to the desk to the kitchen and to then to the couch, it’s easy to forget to take your breaks when you don’t have far to go to work. And with the mobility of laptops and other devices you can certainly fall into the habit of carrying your work with you to the couch after you should have wrapped up for the evening. So, here’s a few things to try:

  • Just like you would in an actual office, get into the habit of taking regular breaks. If you find it hard to remember to take breaks or to log off for the day, schedule your breaks and finishing times into your calendar
  • Set yourself start and finish times to avoid overworking and burnout
  • If you are in the habit of eating at your desk whilst working, STOP doing it. Instead, eat your lunch at the kitchen table  or have a picnic in your backyard. You could even leave the house and go for a little walk around the block on your lunch break. You will feel so much better for it!

Image of freelancer working from a cafe

4. Get out and about

Why not allocate a few hours a week to work from a cafe, library, or even the beach? Even if it’s only for a few hours, this will help to break the social isolation before it sets in, get you dressed (out of those track suit pants) and out of the house, and help clear the brain fog. You may even meet some new, like-minded people!

5. Minimise distractions

It’s REALLY easy to get distracted by dirty dishes, piles of clothes, TV, the dog… Minimise distractions by ensuring that your allocated workspace is away from the general household chaos. If you can’t do this, you need to do your best to ignore it or make sure it doesn’t exist. That might mean cleaning the kitchen before going to bed in the evening!

Other tips to help you minimise distractions are:

  • Keep the TV turned off,
  • Make the bed on waking, and
  • Play music to help get you in – and keep you in – the work mood. If music is too distracting, find some good Podcasts to listen to – they might also inspire you!

I hope these tips help you survive working from home. I’d love to hear what’s worked for you, or perhaps you have another tip I can try!


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