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Writing Portfolio – Janine Ripper

I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was a little girl, and finally took the plunge a few years ago. I now write, blog and help bloggers, small businesses owners and organisations the world over with their writing and blogging requirements. I write on a variety of topics including travel, beauty therapy, social media, motivation and leadership, B2B inbound marketing and website design. I also dabble in ghost writing, and copywriting websites, newsletters and blog posts.

I provide editorial services, including editing blog posts and have edited an issue of Mirrors of Africa print magazine, as well as fulfilling the role of Editor in Chief for jummp, an online travel magazine. This included sourcing and coordinating travel writers and articles from around the world.

I am a published author in the bestselling book ‘Heart to Heart – The Path to Wellness’, alongside featured contributors Dr John Demartini and Bob Doyle, both featured in ‘The Secret’.

My writing has been featured in jummp, CLCK Digital, Sprout Magazine, The Change Blog, Stigma Fighters Down Under, Wild Sister Magazine, Arch St Press, Project Underblog and Wording Well. I’ve also recently started Two Hungry Nomads with my husband, exploring our love for food and travel.


Here’s a snapshot of articles:



Tuning in and Changing Your Life – The Change Blog

10 Things I Learned at the Gym – The Body Department

Mental Health

40 Quotes That Help Me When I’m Feeling Anxious – The Mighty


A Guide to Overcoming Anxiety During a Panic Attack – The Body Department

Fighter. Recoverer. Survivor. on The 2SidedProject (now defunct)

Finding Happiness Where You Least Expect It – The Body Department

Famous Quotes to Help You Push Past the Fear of Failure – The Body Department

Life Beyond the Dark Cloud – Stigma Fighters Down Under

Stepping out of the Darkness – Lightmakers

Learning to Say No – Project Underblog (no longer active)

Wild Sister Magazine Issue 39: A Mindful Way Through Anxiety


Travel Changes You for the Better

6 Tips to Prepare You For Traveling to Beijing

Perth: Something for Everyone

Why is Travel so Addictive?

The Best Places to Celebrate Christmas Around the World

5 of the Eeriest Destinations Around the World

What not to do when you travel


What is a Virtual Assistant and What Do They Do? – Beacham Group

Learnings from My First 12 Months in Business – Beacham Group

5 Tips to be More Productive Working from Home – The Concierge Club

5 Tips for B2B Social Media Marketing Success – CLCK

How to Optimise Your Company LinkedIn Page – CLCK

6 Simple Ways to Improve the Calls to Action on Your Website

“F.I.T.S.” SERIES: Featuring #freelancewriter Janine Ripper – Wording Well


The Meaning of The

Ideal Cookbooks for Christmas Cooks

Sony’s Promo Gift to PewDiePie

“Where The Road Runs Out” will make its world premiere at the San Diego Film FestivalThe Top 5 Places to Eat Out in the Swan Valley, Perth

The Top 5 Australian Real Estate Websites


Beware the Fiery Temper – 7 Tips to Keep Yourself Stress-Free

The Redhead and Her Aversion to Summer


Mirrors of Africa Print Magazine, Issue 2 – Being Fearless, an interview with Lisa V

Mirrors of Africa Print Magazine, Issue 2 – From Zimbabwe to Prospering in Australia: Profiling Prosper Taruvinga

Mirrors of Africa Print Magazine, Issue 2 – Kids Creating Solutions, Future Thinkers: Profiling Not for Profit Millennium Kids

Mirrors of Africa Print Magazine, Issue 1 – The Future is Bright: An interview with Adbulrahim Elmi

20 African Proverbs to Inspire


What the readers say

Through your words you make it easier for me to own who I am, what I have been through and where I want to go, thank you. – Mackenzie

A great and inspiring story. I love the honest and open way you talk about the difficulties you’ve had. So many people struggle with these issues but not enough people talk about it. – Maria

I love the honesty, the learnings and your passion. Your story will resonate with many – Loewn

Thank you Janine – it’s so nice to know I’m not alone in this journey! – Fiona

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