We got married

We got married

Breaking News – We got married! Crack out the champagne.

Okay so not so breaking news, but still, for a girl who always professed she’d never get hitched it’s still quite a big deal. Yes, D and I have been together for 10 years, engaged for 3, and people keep telling us ‘it’s about time’ but still, I was never the gal who dreamed of a white dress and a blingy ring. I never ‘fantasy’ planned my wedding to my soul mate. I don’t believe I actually ever believed I’d meet my soul mate!

It’s strange how things change.

Surprisingly I loved planning our wedding. I loved the lead up to it. I loved my hens night. I loved our actual wedding. I loved spending time with family and friends. I love the afterglow, even if we haven’t had time or money for a honeymoon. And most of all though I love the memories. We had so much fun and so did everyone we’ve spoken to (maybe too much as there were a lot of sore heads!).

I wanted to take this moment to thank you all for your ongoing love and support. We really appreciate it and are happy to say that our wedding day was so much more than we had expected. It was the happiest day of our lives so far.

And I promise after my next post (where I’ll provide info on how we planned our budget wedding, our suppliers, and some of our favourite photos) I’ll return back to my regular – but reinvigorated – content!

Much love

J and D

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