Here’s a snapshot of my writing portfolio

Web Copy

Web copy and working with a web designer to create a new website for the Act-Belong-Commit mental health campaign.

Web copy and working with a web designer to create a new website for Advocare, a Western Australian Not for Profit supporting and protecting the rights of older people.

Web copy for Fit & Ready, an adventure travel specialist.

Annual Reports

Mental Illness Fellowship of WA 2021 Annual Report

Mentally Healthy WA 2018 Annual Impact Statement

Mentally Healthy WA 2017 Annual Impact Statement


5 Tips to be More Productive Working from Home – The Concierge Club

5 Tips for B2B Social Media Marketing Success – CLCK

How to Optimise Your Company LinkedIn Page – CLCK

6 Simple Ways to Improve the Calls to Action on Your Website – CLCK

“F.I.T.S.” SERIES: Featuring #freelancewriter Janine Ripper – Wording Well


Mirrors of Africa Print Magazine, Issue 2 – Being Fearless, an interview with Lisa V

Mirrors of Africa Print Magazine, Issue 2 – Kids Creating Solutions, Future Thinkers: Profiling Not for Profit Millennium Kids

Mirrors of Africa Print Magazine, Issue 2 – The Future is Bright – An Interview with Abdulrahim Elmi

The Mid Lands Photography Project – Mental Illness Fellowship of WA

Beware the Fiery Temper – 7 Tips to Keep Yourself Stress-Free

The Redhead and Her Aversion to Summer

Blogger’s Corner Featuring Janine from Reflections from a Redhead

25 Small Ways to Incorporate Random Acts of Kindness into Your Daily Life – Act-Belong-Commit

10 Things I Learned at the Gym – The Body Department

Famous Quotes to Help You Push Past the Fear of Failure – The Body Department


8 Tips To Help You Survive Your Next Long Haul Flight *

7 Magical Places to Celebrate Christmas Around the World *

6 of the Spookiest Travel Destinations to Add to Your Bucketlist *

6 Tips to Help Prepare You for Your Trip to Beijing

*Originally published by jummp digital travel magazine (now defunct)

Mental Health

Beneath the Surface Mental health is a Lifelong Journey – Act-Belong-Commit

Taking things one day, and even one moment at a time – Grace’s Carer Story – Mental Illness Fellowship of WA

A Changing of the Guard at Lorikeet Centre – Mental Illness Fellowship of WA

A Guide to Overcoming Anxiety During a Panic Attack – The Body Department

Finding Happiness Where You Least Expect It – The Body Department

Tuning in and Changing Your Life – The Change Blog

Life Beyond the Dark Cloud – Stigma Fighters Down Under

A Mindful Way Through Anxiety – Wild Sister Magazine Issue 39

I also contributed to the now defunct online travel magazine, jummp, and am a published author in the bestselling book Heart to Heart – The Path to Wellness, alongside featured contributors Dr John Demartini and Bob Doyle, both featured in ‘The Secret’.

What the readers say

Through your words you make it easier for me to own who I am, what I have been through and where I want to go, thank you. – Mackenzie

A great and inspiring story. I love the honest and open way you talk about the difficulties you’ve had. So many people struggle with these issues but not enough people talk about it. – Maria

I love the honesty, the learnings and your passion. Your story will resonate with many – Loewn

Thank you Janine – it’s so nice to know I’m not alone in this journey! – Fiona