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You aren’t how hard you work

A lot has happened since the last time I wrote. 

I chose not to write over the last few months as I didn’t want to add to the noise and copious emails landing in your inbox with the obligatory acknowledgment of COVID-19 and that ‘we are in this together’ during these ‘unprecedented’ times.

I was exhausted from emails, news stories and social media posts and felt I had nothing to add. 

Furthermore, I was struck by writer and creativity block. I found myself with no words (okay, aside from the COVID-19-based comms I was writing for various organisations I worked with in the early days).

This got me thinking about how many of us measure ourselves against how productive we are. How hard we work.

I know I do.

Over the last few months, I’ve realised how much I measure my self-worth by working hard and being productive.

Swinging between crawling the walls bored and being super busy, through this period of self-isolation, I have found myself stressed and mentally fried over the thought of:

  • not being productive enough;
  • not achieving enough;
  • not doing things GOOD enough;
  • not working hard enough; and
  • not being creative enough (or at all … really).

I’ve struggled.

I’ve even lost sleep over the above for most nights I’ve spent home in my COVID-19 cocoon. Why?

Home Truths

I’ve seen a lot of posts over the last few months about time and productivity. If you hadn’t done something productive with your self-isolation time, you had failed.

Harsh much?

No wonder many of us are questioning our self-worth!

So it’s time for some home truths.

We’re living through a pandemic, and I repeat, our lives and the world has changed. So, if you are feeling a little off kilter, it’s okay, as we are pretty much all of us.

And if all you can manage each day is to practice some good old self-care and nurture yourself and your loved ones, that is also okay.

And lastly, if you feel you haven’t ‘achieved’ anything over the last few months aside from surviving, that’s okay. After all, it’s one of the most important things you could do. 

Until next time and much love,



My biggest achievement over the last few months has been to complete this…

Completed Van Gogh jigsaw puzzle

It’s a Van Gough puzzle loaned to me by a friend.

I haven’t done a jigsaw puzzle in years, and rediscovering the joy and peace I feel when doing them has been a welcome surprise!

Bring on the puzzles!


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