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What story you are living?

Nelson Mandela quote

We all get caught up in our stories. In fact, most of us believe we ARE our stories. It’s when those stories take on a life of their own, and our lives become one we didn’t want, that we start to get into trouble. Think about the story you’re living right now. Who wrote it? Who is the main character? What ... Read More »

I’m Totally Addicted to Tech

quitting tech

Hey I’m Janine, and I’ve got a confession to make. Im totally addicted to tech. Yep. There it is. Or at least, that was me. Blogging and social media created a huge monster that I’ve been working really hard to break! It kinda freaks me out the amount of times I switch on the computer to do something really important and ... Read More »

The ‘small business startup’ look

janine ripper headshot

If you happen to see me at the moment, I apologise in advance for the crazed look in my eyes. It is what I now know as the standard ‘small business startup’ look. The look is a combination of paralysing fear, insane happiness, a lack of sleep, too much coffee and computer screen time, wonder about how the bills are gonna get paid, as well ... Read More »

I am proud to support beyondblue

beyondblue logo

A few weeks ago I was inducted as a speaker for beyondblue, an organisation I am incredibly passionate about (yes, that word is so overused, but I am!). It’s something I have thought about on and off over years, every since I discovered them in the midst of a period of deep depression, and at the start of 2014 I ... Read More »

Ideas, ideas and – well – ideas!

One of my mottos!

  Soooo many ideas! Seriously, I’ve been so trying to develop some kind of blogging routine where I share my soul, wins, losses, angst and happiness…and other things! But starting your own biz is hard work! But I’m not naive, not matter what some may think. I actually never suspected otherwise, but within that I had figured I’d have time ... Read More »