It is NEVER too late to change the path you’re on

Once upon a time I was lost, hating life and myself, but after finding myself, my confidence and a new sense of purpose I now find myself loving life and all it has to give, as well as (finally!) chasing my dreams and passions and challenging the status quo.

Lost and running on empty

After suffering from chronic anxiety and depression since I was a kid, 2014 happened. I was suffering from IBS, eczema, fatigue, nausea, dizzy spells and forgetfulness. I also had my third car accident in one and a half years – in my own driveway. Seriously, the Universe didn’t want me to go anywhere that day.

The Universe was telling me to stop

After the third car accident I realised the immensity of my anxiety and that if I didn’t do something to change my life then I wouldn’t have a life to live. And so I finally tuned in to my heart, body and mind.

And at the age of 36 and a half, the fog started to lift…

Follow my journey from hell and back, and be inspired to change your life in the process. Because it really isn’t too late to change the path you are on.

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