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Advice I would give my teenage self

eastern hills senior high school photo

Have you ever thought about the advice you would give your teenage self? I was a pretty clueless teenager. With a hopeless sense of style (actually, I didn't have any style), I had no idea how to dress or do my hair, I suffered from acne on my face and back (on top of my freckles) and had absolutely no self confidence. I worried way too much about what my friends and boys thought and said, was a sucker to peer pressure, and blushed at the drop of a hat....

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Breaking News – We’re Married!

J & D

Okay so not so breaking news, but still, for a girl who always professed she’d never get hitched it’s still quite a big deal. Yes, D and I have been together for 10 years, engaged for 3, and people keep telling us ‘it’s about time’ but still, I was never the gal who dreamed of a white dress and a blingy ring. I never 'fantasy' planned my wedding to my soul mate. I don't believe I actually ever believed I'd meet my soul mate!...

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