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An Interview with Like-Minded Magazine

I was recently interviewed for Like-Minded Magazine on my personal experiences with depression and anxiety.

I’d love you to read my interview with Like-Minded Magazine, a publication helping shine a light on mental illness.

Like-Minded Magazine was established to expose the inner workings of mental health conditions for the benefit of others sharing through similar situations, and to offer insight and inspiration by demonstrating that individual potential can still be reached, despite leading a life different from the regular.

I’d love you to read my interview where I share my experiences of growing up with a mental illness.

I hope it helps people realise they are not alone. I also hope it helps people realise that they can still lead amazing lives, even with a mental illness.

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Finding Your Why

About Rodger Hoefel

Like-Minded Magazine was created by Rodger Hoefel.

Rodger is a 35 year old Australian living in Amsterdam. He is also a Father, Fiancé and Art Director, who contends daily with the unrelenting demands of Obsessive-compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Social Anxiety, as well as the ever-present complaints from Tinnitus and injuries sustained in a serious car-accident.

If you’d like to be interviewed by Rodger for Like-Minded Magazine, get in touch at the following: EmailTwitter,  Instagram or Facebook.


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