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20 Ways to Make Lasting Changes in the New Year

The new year is here, and if you’re anything like me, you are doing your best to relax whilst also thinking about the year ahead.

What you will do, where you will be, and how you can make it your best year yet.

Part and parcel of planning your new year is also reflecting on things you can change, be it big or small. This could be reflecting on what went well in the previous year and doing more of that, or what didn’t go so well, learning from it and making some changes.

To help you start your new year the right way, here are 20 ways you can make lasting changes in the New Year and beyond!

  1. Create a self-care ‘survival’ kit for then days you need some go-to TLC
  2. Kickstart your savings for the year by paying yourself first to a seperate account dedicated to purely to savings – even if it’s as little as $10 a fortnight, every dollar counts
  3. Develop a side hustle – you never know what it could lead to!
  4. Set yourself a challenge for the year – big or small. Want to run a marathon, then start training. Interested in learning a new language, then register for a course. Want to eat healthier? Start doing so one meal at a time.
  5. Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary conducive for rest, relaxation and play
  6. Revamp your workspace. Clear the clutter, ditch the paper and add a photo or two to inspire you. You could even stick up your VISION BOARD for daily inspiration!
  7. Drink more water. If you struggle with this, invest in a nice sustainable water bottle and try adding a slice of lemon or some berries to your water to make drinking water more pleasurable
  8. Lock in time to get on top of your life admin. Organise your bills, review your insurance plans, note important dates on your calendar, cancel unnecessary subscriptions – you get the picture
  9. Cut up your credit card
  10. Create a vision board for the year using Pinterest or an actual pin-up board. Fill it full of things to inspire you throughout the year
  11. Plan regular date nights with your partner. If you don’t have a partner, plan them with your besties!
  12. Make practicing gratitude a soul lifting daily habit
  13. Get clear on your priorities for the year. Health, family, work, travel, study. What are they? Write them down and revisit your priorities regularly
  14. Reflect on how much time you spend social media and the impact this has on your life and health
  15. Make a concerted effort to spend more time offline
  16. Quit multitasking. Rather, focus on doing a few things well rather than spreading yourself thin
  17. Clear your schedule and make time for yourself often
  18. Go sober for a month and track how you go over the month. Track everything from your the health impacts through to the cost savings
  19. Get active your way. Find something you’re interested in rather than pushing yourself to do something that’s a chore. I used to be a gym junky. These days I prefer a yoga work out at home and taking my dog for a walk – it’s great for her and me
  20. Celebrate the small things in life.

What changes are you going to make in the new year and why? Drop me a comment below. I’d love to hear about your goals and plans!

20 Ways to Make Lasting Changes in the New Year
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